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My name is Laura Levie, and I am a Birmingham-based artist who has been painting for more than 30 years. In my watercolor illustrations, I strive to impart the joyful, reflective and transcendent moments in life. Since I like to think there are clever, industrious mice behind the scenes of our lives, making everything more wondrous, magical and imaginative, I enjoy incorporating mice into my artwork.

I love to tell stories and wish to help tell yours. I welcome the opportunity to create a custom piece for you, whether as a standalone painting or as an illustration for an article, story, event, promotion, etc.

Please contact me for more information about purchasing or commissioning an illustration.

Visit my online shop to purchase prints, zipper pouches and notepads.

Purchase my Alabama Map prints at the Alabama Bicentennial online store or the Alabama Department of Archives and History Museum Store in Montgomery.

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